Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm A Little Spoiled

I took the kids to Tiana Beach Friday night for the Hampton Bays Civic Association's 90th Anniversary celebration. There was a band, free ice cream and fireworks. We packed a picnic and some warm clothes and settled in for the night.

I was feeling pretty good about myself for having all of the things my family would need to be comfortable at the beach for a long night. Blankets, sweats, baby powder to get the sand off, bug spray, socks, snuggle buggles, glow sticks... I thought we were pretty well set. Then I got there are realized that I am a complete amature and I have a lot to learn about beach bumming, and there is nothing "bumming" about it.

I am not typically a person with a case of the "I Want That"'s. The last time I felt this way was about 3 years ago when I saw the Flavia Fusion on "I Want That: Kitchens and Baths" on HGTV. I went to my friend's mother's house later that day and she had bought one, it's fabulous and so I bought one for us. I still love it as much today as I did the day I got it, and it was, in retrospect, a pretty great purchase.

So, back to the story. The group beside us had a coffee table! They had hors d'ourves and drinks and a citronella lantern all nicely sitting on this great little table. Then I saw another family come, and they too had this amazing table and I watched them pull it out of a nylon bag, unroll the table and screw in the legs! OK, I was totally jealous and could not wait to get home to Google this crazy thing.

I should have remembered where I was, and when I found this ingenious piece of beach furniture I nearly choked on the price tag. Then, dear husband to the rescue, he walks in and said, "If you want it, buy it". Have I mentioned lately that I love this man? I found it for $30 less on another site and so one day soon I too will have an amazing beach table. No more sandwiches dropped in the sand. No more sandy bottomed drinks, no more slumming it at the beach!!!!

Now, if only I had this epiphany in May :)


Anonymous Blogger said...

I wen to the beach last week and saw all the people with theirs, and I want one too! How much did you find it for? I may not want it anymore.

I see things all the time and want & want, until of course I see the price tag :-)

Jen said...

yes--spill it! How much? :)

Years ago I spent $75 on a beach cart (you know the one) to drag all our stuff down the beach. While it isn't perfect (it's still heavy, and doesn't quite fit everything we bring to the beach) it was well worth the cost. Now that the kids are getting older they carry things, so that eases the burden from the cart. Remember when I was pregnant out to here with Emma, carrying toddler Ben after 4 yo Julia AND dragging the beach cart?! (Rachel helped.)


Mom of 3 said...

I don't know if links work, but the table is awesome. It's $100 on the manufacturers website, I found it for $70. But when I have spent literally hours in the kitchen preparing a meal for the beach I'll be damned if I'm going to let a child drop it into the sand! I am too busy to feed seagulls! I hope I get it in time for Thursday. But you can bet it will be sitting on the front porch the minute we get home! Just my luck.
NOT being pregnant does make the beach a whole lot more enjoyable! I really don't miss those days :)

j-m said...

I want a beach evening so badly right about now.

With or without the fancy table.

It sounds lovely.