Sunday, August 24, 2008

Food Memories

Our Golden Earthworm CSA has been full of big, red, juicy tomatoes. Any my neighbor, with whom I share a share, is allergic to fresh tomatoes, so I get the full portion! Today I was feeling fall, and currently have a pot of stewed tomatoes simmering away on the stove. As I was sitting going through some mail, I had a flashback to my great-grandmother's farm in Cape May, NJ. In it's day it was apparently a huge plantation, but in my memory there were just acres of lima beans and a kitchen garden. But for some reason, the smell of these stewed tomatoes is making my think of her house. Tomatoes are a staple of summer farm suppers, so I guess that's what it is. I love them fried with gravy, and stuffed with huge, homemade, buttery croutons. I also love a good, cold hunk of liverwurst on white bread with an ice cold slice of tomato and tons of mayo. But that is only something I want once a year, as I always think I like liverwurst, but it's really kind of mushy and strong.
I hope one day my kids can look back fondly on some of the meals I prepare, it is a wonderful link between the generations.


MamaCole said...

I love liverwurst and tomato sandwiches! I need some fresh tomatoes. And I need to make some sauce. It makes me think of my paternal grandmother who jarred tomato sauce every September.

How about tomato, fresh mozzerella and basil. With a drizzle of olivie oil and balsamic vinegar.

j-m said...

DH just told me he was talking to his mom in Turkey...the aunts are all putting up preserves for the winter, now...lots of tomatoes, pickles, peaches, fruit compotes...he wanted to do it too...then I reminded him the reality of our family's schedule. We both sighed together, and decided to shelve it for "one day". At least we actually had a garden this summer! Still picking eggplants and peepers out of it!

j-m said...

Oops...I meant, "peppers".

Altho' our woods are full of "peepers"...the tree frogs!