Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is Unschooling?

I often get asked to define Unschooling, and have never really been able to provide a definition. I am going to try harder!

Unschooling is about Trust.
I trust that my children will retain the curiosity with which they were born.
I trust that they will search to satisfy that curiosity, and turn to me when they need a nudge.
I trust that they are loving, kind, generous human beings and will behave in such a manner as often as possible.
I trust that they know their bodies and will provide themselves with what they need at any given time.
I trust that I have modeled for them the morals I believe I have been called to share, and God will speak to them as He does me.
I trust that they will hear His voice, and He will direct their paths.
I trust that if they have a need, they will tell me. If they are unable or unwilling to tell me,
I trust that I know them well enough to nurture anyway.
I trust that the people in our lives will see the blessings my children exude and love them with all their ability.
I trust that my children will seek the company of others who are loving and inspiring.
I trust that in our family truth is paramount, even when it is difficult.
I trust that we will all work together for joy.
I trust that we are all on the same journey, and will have wonderful experiences along the way. I trust that my children are the best they can be, right at this very moment.

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