Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Embracing the Moment

Spring has sprung with gusto here at our house! New plantings, new colors, new animals...and tons of new activities. I have said before that homeschooling is a complete misnomer, but somehow we still always get "How do they socialize?" from nearly everyone we meet.

Well, I'll tell you how:

Sunday is usually a church day, so they get to see real human being there most weeks. This week, however, Blessing 3 had a Gymnastics Sectional. We all saw friends there, and even managed a nice lunch afterwards, with friends even!

Monday was delivery day for our food co-op, there were quite a few friends there too. After delivery Blessing 3 went to gymnastics and Blessing 2 started a Tae Kwon Do class. There were friends there, too, and some of them even came back to our house for supper.

Tuesday is swimming class, there are friends there...are you seeing a pattern yet? After swimming Blessings 2 & 3 went home with friends to play at the beach, go boating, dig holes in the back yard, ride bikes....I have no idea what other fun they had as I have not yet seen them this (Wednesday) morning. Blessing 1 picked her best friend up from school and they came back here to finish homework, eat everything in sight and make a total mess of the kitchen.

Today is Wednesday. Blesssing 1 gets her braces off today (where we always run into someone) then we are heading to the library and then to get chewy bagels. Later this afternoon Blessing 3 has gymnastics and Blessing 2 has golf. There are 15 boys signed up for golf, which should make for a very fun Spring season. Last year there were girls and boys, and the kids kind of split off by gender. I can't wait to see how they interact this season!

Tomorrow is our day off. I typically try to leave Thursday's open in case we need a day to just rest or reconnect. Blessing 2 has an optional Tae Kwon Do class in the late afternoon, but I am envisioning a day of relaxing at the beach or reading on the patio. It is such a gift to have a day in the middle of the week to do whatever we want!!

Friday Blessing 3 has gymnastics and Blessing 2 has Tae Kwon Do. Blessing 1 usually has a friend here for the weekend so her day is spent frantically finishing up her lessons and getting her room into some semblance of order.

Saturday's are Daddy day. Blessing 3 has gym in the morning, and after I drop her off I am going to work for a few hours (someone has to pay for all this fun!). So Daddy will pick her up then he is in charge of all things fun and exciting till I get home in time for family supper time.

Sunday we get up and do it all over again!

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