Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love my boy.

After a fun day @ Pumpkintown and making pottery, it is finally time to settle in and get some work done. Because of Kenny III's recent math aversion I have started allowing him to do 1 problem in each section, and if he gets it right on his own he is done. If it is incorrect he has to keep doing that section until he completes it, correctly, alone.

I just went over to get a drink from my water bottle only to find it empty. Kenny says to me, total deadpan "You may want to refill that. I get stressed out in times like these and use most of my water crying."

I had to walk away to keep from laughing at him! He has no idea how easy he has it! And, until a week or two ago, he always enjoyed math. Granted, it is getting more challenging, but I do not belabor a point. If he gets the concept, we move on.

At least he's always good for a laugh!!!!

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