Monday, September 7, 2009

See you in September

So here it is Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer. This is the beginning of my favorite time here on the East End. While we are sad to see some of our "summer friends" go home, I must admit I also breathe a huge sigh of relief. While I am cognizant, and appreciative, to the boost to local economy that tourists bring, I loathe the attitudes that oft times come with them. I am relieved to have our roads back and our beaches populated by locals. The water is still warm enough to enjoy, the sun is still shining, the farms are still's beautiful.
We school year round, but an annual tradition I am honored to continue is the "Back to No School Beach Day". When I first began homeschooling on the East End the celebration was held @ Wildwood. I remember that first year hanging with friends at the beach during the day, then taking my kids to Davis to pick peaches which we then came home and canned. In the part of PA where I am from peaches are done in August, the extended growing season out here is like a precious gift!! My kids eat more canned peaches than I can put up. If you have never had a summer-ripe peach in the middle of a bitter cold winter's day, please, come to my house. It is a treat not to be missed.
Shortly after the first day of public school my kids and I usually take a break from our schooling to head down to Florida for a few weeks. We become caretakers for my in-loves ever growing ranch, herd of horses, and my husband's grandfather (soon to be 97) while they take their annual vacation. This year, however, they will be coming here! It has been at least 5 years since my mother-in-love has been back up here, and I am so excited to share what is her favorite time of year also. They will be staying with us for a few days of their trip and we just can't wait to have them.
Enjoy fall, pick some apples, visit the vineyards, go clamming...get out there and experience the East End as it should be!!!!!!!

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