Monday, March 30, 2009

The Most Magical Place on Earth?!

Disney 2009; what an adventure. In January of 2007 I took all 3 kids to Disney (then 9, 5 & 3) by myself. After that debacle I vowed never to step foot in WDW ever again! But then my dear friend, and Disney Travel Agent, Gigi sent me an email detailing a fantastic deal. Buy 4 nights, get 3 free!!

My sister generously agreed to keep Kyleigh for the week, and so Jess, Kenny III and I were looking forward to a great week.

Unfortunately, the week of our departure my sister's grandfather (aged 90) had a stroke and was taken from Assisted Living to Brandywine Hospital. So my poor sister spent the week visiting and arranging....oh, and taking care of his 30 pound MINIATURE daschund, Mitzi. Who has never been fed dog food, had tapeworm, fleas and a yeast infection!!! My sister is a saint.

So we arrive on Friday afternoon and got settled, and enjoyed an amazing meal of Italian Wedding soup. And then for dessert we had a cake made out of long johns, heavenly.

We made it to bed and my sister drove the kids and I to Philadelphia Airport on Saturday morning.
We arrived in one piece and our room was ready! So we got into our bathing suits and headed to the pool for a swim and a bit of a rest. Then we got on a boat bound for Downtown Disney. Remember it is Saturday night, and it was a bit windy. So imagine my surprise when my mother's husband got me on the Nextel to tell me "You need to call home, Kyleigh cut her hair." I was thoroughly confused, as my mother is a hairdresser, and quite capable of fixing whatever Kyleigh may have done. It took quite a few tries for me to realize he was telling me that Kyleigh cut her HAND and my brother in law had taken her to the ER. Mind you, my sister was at Brandywine Hospital getting her grandfather discharged and returning him to Tel Hai, a good hour from Chester County Hospital where Kyle was taken.
Turns out, she had fallen, gashed open her wrist and required 4 stitches. The rest of our trip was uneventful, but upon returning to my sister's the following Saturday it was obvious the stitches needed to come out. But first, Dawn had noticed that Mitzi had been hobbling the last few days. She had been on a diet and had lost a good deal of weight, so my sister wasn't sure what the trouble was. I took one look at her paws and realized her toenails had grown full circle and were now growing back into her paw pads. So off we went to the Emergency Animal Hospital!!! They were so nice, and we were not there long and Mitzi is good as new.
After breakfast on Sunday a nurse friend of my sister's offered to take out Kyleigh's stitches. She screamed her full head off, I felt so badly for the poor woman who I am sure will think twice before offering her services again!!! After claming her and washing up we went to my mom's to properly celebrate my sister's birthday and our visit was cut a little short by a tornado, and hail that was reported to be 2 inches in diameter!!!! Fortunately no one was injured, but many mobile homes in the area were destroyed.
The next time I want to go away without Kyleigh, I think I will leave her with my in laws :)

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Anonymous Blogger said...

3 years ago I said that I was never going back to Disney again and here I am trying to plan a Disney vacation for this year.

Did you enjoy Mickey at least? How was the overall trip for you? Where did you stay?