Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kid Swapping (Thanks, 6 !)

I have a beautiful, angelic looking 5 year old... and she is a holy terror. She screamed non-stop for the first 3 years of her life. She was allergic to disposable diapers and the gel that they contain. Her skin is so fair she always bruises at the slightest touch and a simple mosquito bite looks like a huge welt. She will not sleep by herself and screams like a lunatic for no reason at all. She is smart as anything and not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks of you. She is foolproof birth control.
Forget Planned Parenthood, just loan Kyleigh out to any teenager even considering mattress dancing.
I also have a boy. He never cried, ever. He ate when I wanted him to eat, slept when I wanted him to sleep and was joyful and happy every minute of every day. He is still an absolute delight. Even the rare temper tantrum is explosive, but brief and he always apologizes and is generous with the snuggles.
So when 6 mentioned his wife would like a girl, it got me thinking. I was jesting when I suggested we trade his 4 year old boy for my 5 year old girl, but why not? Maybe parents should take kids for a test drive. There are a whole lot of parents our there that should not be parents. Maybe if they had the opportunity to try before you buy they may have realized parenting is not for them.
Anyone want a moody, sullen, messy 12 year old girl? How about a really large puppy?! Both are precious when they want to be, but boy do they have their moments.
* Disclaimer: I adore my children, temper tantrums and all. But I seriously believe if people know what they were in for they would think twice.


Anonymous Blogger said...

Know what? I can so relate.
You know the issues I have with my 7.5 yr old daughter. She also screamed for the first year of her life and still continues to scream and tantrum, just in a different way. She is tough, smart, and oh so verbal. And after she was born, I wanted to do it again. Everyone around me watching thought I was nuts. I remember someone telling me that I was, "crazy to want to have another baby after Drama Princess." I told them that no 2 children are the same and that I had hope that God wouldn't give me another smart ass, difficult, ODD child. He didn't. My boy is sweet and calm, but he is picking up on my daughter's attitude. He now has a little of it.
I have to focus on the sweetness and big heart my daughter has and try not to dwell on the negative. But I still have to punish her when she behaves badly and I am trying to be as strict as I can without trying to suppress her personality. It is hard.

I am here with ya Thrice!

And sorry if I hijacked your blog!

Mom of 3 said...

M~ I am so happy someone is actually reading my blog you can hijack all you want!!! I understand. It is tough to balance discipline with nurture and encouragement. Someday we might get it right :)