Thursday, November 6, 2008


We have been without a nanny for nearly 6 weeks now and I am at the end of my rope. My husband and I both work, and although we have a great deal of flexibility, we do both need to be in the office. Preferably together for at least a few hours a week. This has not happend in well over a month and it is really taking it's toll.
We have enlisted the services of 2 agencies, TWO!!! Our requests were that the potential nanny be between 30 & 50 and not have any kids of thier own. Well, neither agency has been able to meet that request. One girl, who I felt very positively about, called while we were in Boston to tell me she just found out she is 10 weeks pregnant with twins. Great for her!!!! Horrible for me. I had another interview scheduled for yesterday afternoon and rushed home from an amazing day with our homeschool group in East Hampton. I got home to find her college aged children had been in a car accident and she was unable to keep her interview. Did I say no kids? I had an interview sheduled this morning with a girl who is working in a preschool, no kids, lives in Remsenberg and has 2 Rotweillwers. 10 minutes before her interview I get a call from the agency telling me she has decided that she and her fiance are moving so she is not intested in a long term position.
God help me, I am going to either end up on the unemployment line or divorce court.


Anonymous Blogger said...

are you looking for a live-in?

Mom of 3 said...

No, live out and part time. That is the challenge.

Nan Patience said...

Sounds like you'll have to send them to public school!