Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Homeschooling at it's finest!

Today is a day homeschoolers dream about! The kids all slept in (till 8:00!) and I had a whole hour and a half this morning to catch up on email and get the animals fed and watered. After everyone had breakfast the kids all went about their work diligently. First the little kids and I sat in the living room with a book and cd and they each followed along as if they knew what they were reading. Then we went back to the kitchen for spelling BINGO. No one complained when one filled a card before the other, and no one balked when I told them they could not yet eat their Reese's Pieces markers.
Kenny worked on a 20 problem subtraction page while Kyleigh did a 20 problem additon page. I had no idea Kyle knew how to write her numbers, as it is not something I taught her! Both kids got all of thier questions correct and were so excited about choosing their stickers! And of course eating their treats.
There is no greater source of pride for me than to watch my children master a skill for the first time. They are so proud of themselves, and couldn't wait to tell Daddy about their accomplishments! And an added bonus, because of their discipline it is only 11:00 and we are done schooling for the day! Except Jessie, she has another hour or so depending on how many subjects she chooses to tackle.
We have lots of errands to run then we get to relax for a bit with a program at the library. And we are inviting friends for supper, which would be the perfect end to a perfect if only tomorrow would be so idyllic :)

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