Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's Valentine's Day, and we usually try to do something as a family rather than spend money on cards and candy and flowers that die in a day. This year dear hubby and I took two of our kids into the city to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.

As this was our son's first trip into the city for anything significant, so we wanted to make it memorable. I found this great restaurant that looked wonderful online. It's called Mars 2112 and it's at 51st and Broadway. You start your adventure with a greeting from your space captain, who ushers you into a spacecraft for your trip to Mars. 5 bumpy, slightly nauseating minutes later you arrive on Mars and are greeted by a space host. Mars is red, and quite rocky, so be sure to watch your step! The Martians are quite friendly and their cuisine is similar to ours, just a bit pricier. They also have lots of fun games, and kids 10 and under can play one for free, then you have to pay but they take Earth money.

We returned to earth and walked the 9 blocks down to 42nd street. Middle child was awed by all the lights and tall buildings, and it was wonderful to witness his first Manhattan encounter. I wish we had time to have allowed a ride on the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us, that nearly caused a meltdown, but he recovered quickly.

Mary Poppins was a fantastic show, great effects, amazing songs, the script was true to the book....all in all it was a really amazing night.


Nan Patience said...

Wow, sounds awesome.

Eager Beavers said...

That Ferris wheel is unbelievable, isn't it? When Matt and I were there in January for our anniversary trip (we stayed 1 block from that Toys R Us, at the Doubletree suites, next to "Legally Blonde") we were so happy we didn't have our kids with us to see that! At first I wasn't even sure it was full size, I thought maybe it was like FAO Schwarz or something--but then I noticed the line of squealing kids...another great one is M&M World! We went in and by the time we left were saying, "Can you IMAGINE willingly taking your kids into that place?" We heard so much whining and crying it was hard to believe, and at $9/lb--it is truly outlandish!!! (Hmmm, $9 for a pound of M&Ms in cool colors--or $2.50 for a pond of M&Ms at Target? Guess what? They all get EATEN!!!)

j-m said...

Sounds like a great day!