Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Traps?

I had bever heard of such a thing! And while me dear friend Shelly, whom I have known since Kindergarten, was complaining about having to make one, the prospect was intriguing to me! To be fair, she has 5, public schooled children and she is a wonderful, active, involved Mom. So multiply all the silly, time wasting projects kids (read:parents) get assigned by 5 and she has certainly done more than her fair share!

Today is raining like crazy, and I have off. Kenny III is at his new home, with a new family, and so it is just me and my girls. While they were sleeping (till Noon, no less) I ran out to Target to gather some supplies. Upon returning home I asked the girls if they wanted to make Leprechaun Traps. Kyleigh's eyes lit up and she literally jumped up and down and ran to get whatever she thought would be useful. Jessie, in true teenage fashion, rolled her eyes and looked at me like I had 4 heads. Then I reminded her that if there were no trap the Leprechaun's would have no effort to reward. She, ever her mother's daughter, replied "The leprechaun's have been good to me already, no need for more." Smartass! But, she must have had a change of heart, as she is happily creating away with her sister. Jessie is utilizing her physics skills to build a ladder! Kyleigh says she will build stairs out of Legos.

I am so blessed to have this time with my kids, building memories and traditions, however silly they may be.

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