Monday, January 3, 2011

You're the Mama!!

If you are questioning whether the choice you have made is the right one, chances are it isn't! As parents, we want what's best for our children. I don't know why I am still surprised by the responses we get when people learn we homeschool. The kids nearly always say "I want to be homeschooled!" and the parents nearly always say "I could never do that!". Well guess what, yes you can. And I believe many people should!
I do not see a lot of gray area in the raising of children. You chose to have them, you are choosing to raise them, and it is your obligation to make the decisions that best benefit them. If you are a loving, compassionate parent, you can homeschool. And for at least the first years, I believe children should be educated at home. Compulsory age makes me crazy! I don't understand the determining factors, and it is different from State to State. Here in New York, it is 6-16; while in Pennsylvania it is 8-17. Who decides these things, and on what do they base their opinions?
Children need love, support and unconditional acceptance in their early years. What better place to receive these things than from their parents? No one knows your child better than you. No one can give your child with as much unconditional love as you. No one understands your child's needs better than you. No one knows better than you what your child needs in those moments of less than desirable behavior. When kids are "misbehaving", do they need to be sent to the principal or given a detention? Or do they need someone to help them articulate their needs and find a way to get them met? Is that going to happen in a room full of needy 5 year olds? Is your child going to learn compassion, understanding, empathy and communication skills?
I hate the idea of Kindergarten. It really breaks my heart that loving parents believe that they need to push their 5 year old out into the world, into the care of a stranger for 4-8 hours a day. Here in New York there is no half-day Kindergarten, children go from being with their parents all day to not seeing them for more than half of their waking hours. This breaks my heart!
Fortunately, here in the USA, we have choices. Homeschooling is legal and many amazing support structure are in place.
You CAN homeschool. Let your babies grow up at home, in the love and care of their parents. You chose to have them, they are yours to raise, not the State's.

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