Saturday, January 17, 2009

Too cold to think

My littlest has a friend coming over this weekend (see our Boston Trip blog). This will be the first time she has had a sleepover here and she is very excited. We changed the sheets, cleaned and vacuumed and Daddy is going to the store for snacks. Don't tell her, but he is actually going to the store because last Sunday and this he is a football widow. It's the Eagles and the Steelers baby, can it get any better than that? Only when the Steelers win!!! But I have obviously digressed.

Yesterday a good friend of mine suggested we all go out to Greenport ice skating. This sounded like a fabulous idea, as well as a perfect excuse to go to Target and buy that Thermos I know we need but have never bought. Oh, and a container to hold the 25# of flour that I ordered from co-op that will be here Tuesday without a home. Oh, digression again. Told you it was too cold to think. Which brings me right back on point. It's too freaking cold!!!! When I got up this morning Optonline gave the Aquebogue temp as -13. Yes, you saw that right, that's a minus in front of the 13. Right now it is saying -10 so we have warmed up, and the sun is out so I am doubtful about the accuracy of that number. But dh and I got a 6:30am wake up call from one of our drivers who was at the landfill in Ohio and the motor to the tarp was frozen. He said the temp was -15 to -10 there, so we may not be too far off track. The problem is the whole content of the trailer becomes a literal 53' long ice cube, but that is probably only interesting to me.

OK, back on track. I cannot even imagine being outside ice skating today. It is not high on my list of things to do anyway, given that I had 2 knee surgeries before I even graduated from high school and have no desire for a third. So what, then, do I do with 4 children all weekend? We will go to the barn for a short time, but even horses are frozen in this weather. And despite having 7 horses in her own backyard Kyle's friend does not like horses! Her mom is pretty disappointed. I thought about CMEE and then a quick trip to Shinnecock to see the seals, but again cold is not my thing. And if you have ever spent a minute with a 5 year old girl you know they always have to pee at the most inopportune times. 2 of them needing to pee in sub-zero weather, in front of the ocean would put me over the edge.

Atlantis is an option, as we recently renewed our membership. But I am not a fan of crowds, and we are so spoiled as homeschoolers there is typically no one in the place when we go. I thought about the library, but I really just don't want to leave my house. But I do have books on hold so perhaps a brief trip is in order.

Ugh. I am done rambling now. Stay warm all!

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Bernadette said...

Keena you rock! reading your blog makes me cry you remind me so much of my mom and my childhood growing. It's defnitely the little things that count. Being a full time mom is alot of work but it is the best job any woman could ever have. Love you guys and see you on Wednesday:)!