Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm such a pathetic geek

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me! I finally felt human again after 2 weeks of misery, and DH treated me to an Bar Boy! I got a new KitchenAid hand mixer that comes with a dough hook and a beverage whip attachment. This saves the purchase of a new immersion blender, which was a thrill for my frugal minded pocketbook, but a bit of a disappointment to my greedy need for every kitchen gadget known to man! I also got some new utensils, another bay marie pot to hold aformentioned utensils, some juice glasses for my mother, a new scoop since I broke the old one (thus the trip to Bar Boy!!) and a box grater.
Today, the kids and I portioned out 4 dozen chocolate crinkle cookies with the new scoop. Right now I have a pot of soup bubbling away so I can use my new ladle!
Wait till you hear what I am getting for Christmas! I have to keep it a secret, because the kids don't know I know, but it's a real winner!

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Anonymous Blogger said...

there is just something about kitchen gadgets that make me smile too! And my hand blender is my favorite, I have to see the Kitchen Aid thing attachment that could be used instead, hmmm...