Sunday, June 8, 2008


We are taking a vacation to the beach... silly, right? My cousin is graduating from Ocean City High School so my whole family and some long time friends are renting a house for a week. There are not enough beds for everyone, it is a 5 hour drive and I have to board my dog...all to go to a beach exactly like the one we have a few miles down the road? I must be nuts.

I am taking all of our bikes and very much looking forward to riding every place we need to go. It will be nice to sit on the front porch and see the ocean rolling along, and there are dolphins jumping every morning just after sunrise. The boardwalk will provide limitless entertainment for the kids as will their cousins and honorary cousin. I will have other grown ups around in case I feel the need to shower without an audience or, God forbid, take a bike ride alone! I really enjoy my sister, and it will be nice to sit on the beach with her like we used to do as kids. Ironically, in the 8 years I have lived here my family has never visited in the summer! Apparently the thought of battling Long Island traffic in the summer does not appeal to them. Funny how I always manage to get to PA a few times each summer unscathed...

Anyway, I am making lists and trying to figure out how to pack up everything a family of 4 (no Daddy this trip) will need for a week, including bicycles. I also have to take a 2 month supply of Monavie and Tastefully Simple products to everyone I will not see again till August! I hope to come home with significantly less, but somehow that seems unlikely!

Summer has arrived, I can't wait to enjoy every minute!


Eager Beavers said...

A beach may be a beach--but having the whole family together is priceless! And for the record, I have the same problem with my family! They love coming here in the winter because we have the only fireplace now...but we usually only have them in the summer once, for Ben and Emma's birthday. Glad you all had fun!


j-m said...

Sounds wonderful. I miss things like that.