Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MLM Rant

I am not opposed to people making money off a new product. The multi-level-marketing craze is making a comeback of Amway proportion. And I admit, I have a few obsessions myself. However, it makes no sense to me to pay someone for the privilege of selling their product for them!

There are 2 products I love and use, Sensaria Skin Care and Longaberger baskets. I certainly use both of these products enough to reap benefits from becomming a distributor. However, both companies charge you an annual fee to remain as a consultant! This is ludicrous to me.

I have a new addiction, Monavie. I have been listening to the acai berry claims for years. There have been write ups in the catalogs I recieve from our natural food buying club. Oprah uses Monavie, so does Matt Lauer and a host of other celebrities. I have seen the brochures in doctor's offices, nail salons and bookstores. A few months ago the girl with whom I share an office began taking it and says it has "cured" her arthritis. Then, a few weeks ago, my friend Bridgett started taking it. She is someone I know well, someone I speak to daily, several times in fact. She sang it's praises and so I decided it was time to jump on board.

Unfortunately, I had already researched the company, and am pretty disgusted with their distribution plan. It it set up like a true pyramid scheme and that disturbs me. However, the product is AMAZING. It is a blend of 19 fruits from all over the globe plus glucosamine. I have more energy, I am not snacking and I am much more active. None of my joints hurt, I have no soreness in my knees and ankles after walking and I just generally feel better. Kenny has been taking it too, and he has reluctantly admitted that he feels better also. My mother and her husband have started taking it in addition to my sister and her husband. It's a really great product.

So, here is my concession. I have not signed on as a distributor, but Bridgett has. The cheapest way to get the product is to order 12 cases at a time; 4 bottles to a case, 1 bottle lasts 2 people a week. If you would like to try the product, but don't want to get sucked in to MLM debacle, please let me know. As long as we can get 12 cases you will pay the same price we pay, NO MARKUP!!!! For me, the most unethical part of the whole pyramid scheme is making money off of your friends and family. This is why, by the way, my Tastefully Simple business has not made me independently wealthy!

I am not a salesperson by nature, but I do love to share; abundancy and generosity are wonderful principles, and if you put them into practice in your life the blessings rain down.


MamaCole said...

Me me me!! I'm interested. My mom might be too.

Email me with details. I've read about the stuff too, but never knew anyone who'd actually taken it.

j-m said...

Ooooh, oooh! Me too, me too!

I have not been faithfully taking vitamins (actually, since the prenatals...oops) and the other health regimen I was on fell by the wayside. I need to get myself going again. (Does it happen to have a weight-loss side effect??? That'd be wonderful!)

Mom of 3 said...

It does, but I cannot profess why. I am assuming that because you have more energy youa re moving more. But I also think that since it provides so many vitamins, minerals and necessary fatty acids your body is not craving the things it is missing. I don't know, all I can say is I feel better than I have in years. None of my joints hurt, I am sleeping more soundly, I have more energy to do things... I am sold.

I have some brochures, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

BTW: Most commercial vitamins are pasteurized so they are useless anyway :)